Rpi Bag Spotty Multi Colr 120c

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Royal Pet Inc. presents the 120 count Multicolor Pickup Refill-Bag Pack from their handy-dandy "Spotty" collection. Each pack contains 120 Refill Bags that are easy to use and 100% Leak-proof guaranteed for easy cleanup and disposal. Ensure to always have plenty of durable Spotty Refill Bags on hand when you take your pet for a walk, run in the park, or on any excursion. Each pack contains 8 rolls of 15 Refill Bags that measure 8 x 15-inch each; Refill Bags fit all Spotty bag Dispensers. Since establishing in 1996, Royal Pet, Inc. has become a cooperative global supplier of products that enhance the lives of pets and their humans. Core Values include: Adaptability, Honesty, Innovation, Knowledge, Results, and the Global Viewpoint. Recognizing the important role that pets play in people's lives, all products and brands are developed via the simple principle of delivering maximum-grade items which enhance your and your pets' quality of life. Royal Pet Inc. understands pets are "Family." They also understand there are about 2.7 million healthy shelter-animals that remain un-adopted each year, and only about 30 percent of pets in the homes come from shelters or rescues. Royal Pet, Inc. does all it can to help shelters and rescue groups. In 2015 alone the company donated almost $75,000 worth of items for consumption to numerous shelters and rescues in the companys home State of Minnesota. The Royal Pet, Inc. broad spectrum of products includes everything from waste management solutions, toys, rawhide and extruded treats, plus excellent pet apparel.
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