Mess D Mat Slcn Rods Blu Md{L-x}

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Feed Your Messy Mutt. Not Your Floor. Keep Your Messy Mutt Happy And Your Floors Clean Without Compromising Your Home s Decor Or Your Dog s Freedom. This Silicone Mat Has A Raised Edge Border Implanted With Metal Rods To Contain Spills And Facilitate Tran
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Feed your Messy Mutt. Not your floor. Keep your messy mutt happy and your floors clean without compromising your home s decor or your dog s freedom. This silicone mat has a raised edge border implanted with metal rods to contain spills and facilitate transfer. The non-slip silicone prevents damage to floors and holds feeding and water bowls in place. Metal rods keep mat in place and allow for a mess-free transfer from floor to garbage or sink. Incorporated ridges keep bowls in place, elevated and dry. Made from FDA approved food grade silicone. BPA free. PVC free. Size = 50cm x 30cm/19.7in x 11.8in
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