Mess D Bowl Lid Set 3 Cup 6pk{L-x}-6

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Mud, Puddles (the Bigger The Better), More Mud Are Just A Few Things Our Furry Friends Love. Their Favorite Place Is The Great Outdoors Unfortunately They Like To Bring It Back Inside With Them Too. And So, Messy Mutts Was Born: A New Line Of Fashiona
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Mud, puddles (the bigger the better), more mud are just a few things our furry friends love. Their favorite place is the great outdoors unfortunately they like to bring it back inside with them too. And so, Messy Mutts was born: a new line of fashionable and functional dog care products.For decades, the team at Messy Mutts has been working with stainless steel, microfiber and silicone designing stylish housewares products. The eye for design needs to be as sharp as a dog s sense of smell.All Messy Mutts products are tastefully colorful, stylish and most importantly help solve the challenge of mutts being messy. Our line of hard goods cover feeding systems that catch the spills, grooming and travel accessories to make managing your mutt on the go a breeze, and bedding/car protection products with probiotic odor control technology.As a natural extension for the Messy Mutts line, Messy Cats was developed with the same purpose in mind. Messy Mutts and Messy Cats pet care products naturally look good in your home. Just because you have a dog, or a cat, or two, or three doesn t mean your home has to look it. You shouldn t compromise between maintaining a chic home and wholeheartedly loving your messy pets.The Messy Mutts and Messy Cats brand was officially established in 2013. Messy Mutts is an operating division of Jascor Housewares Inc. ( established in 1986.Each set contains three stainless steel bowls (3 cups per bowl) and three silicone lids (approximately 7 diameter).Designed to integrate with Messy Mutts silicone single and double feeders systems (and other universal bowl holds) to keep the bowls in place and contain the mess.Prepare raw meals ahead of time, thaw and keep fresh in the refrigerator. Stackable and spill resistant (even with liquids) which also makes them great for travel, dry or wet food if you furry friend does not finish their meal.Reduce the chance of cross contamination in your kitchen by prepping your meals in the same you re your dog eats from and then putting it in the dishwasher!All components are made from FDA approved food grade materials. BPA and PVC Free. Dishwasher safe.
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