Kaytee Forti-Diet Parrot Food 5 lbs {L-2}

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Aytee Forti-diet - Fresh Fortified Food For The Health And Appearance Of Your Pet. Kaytee Forti-diet Is A Seed-based Blend Of Fresh, Palatable Seeds, Grains, And Fortified Supplements That Birds Love! This Wholesome Formula Provides The Essential Nutrient
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aytee Forti-Diet - fresh fortified food for the health and appearance of your pet. Kaytee Forti-Diet is a seed-based blend of fresh, palatable seeds, grains, and fortified supplements that birds love! This wholesome formula provides the essential nutrients to ensure better feathering and brighter color while enhancing the health of your pet. Kaytee not only provides fresh ingredients, we help to preserve that freshness with our barrier package and resealable zipper. Developed by Kaytee's nutritional experts; fresh, fortified seeds, grains and supplements; enhances feathering and color. Forti-Diet: An excellent source of fortified nutrients that your pet needs. Supports healthy skin & feathering; required for healthy bones & brightens feathers; essential for proper growth & development; crucial for muscle growth & maintenance; provides energy for optimal health & vitality. The Kaytee Food Guide shows the essential nutrient categories needed for great health, colorful feathering and a long life.
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