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Hound & Gatos Lamb, Salmon & Chicken Canned Cat FoodLooking for a pet food company that isn t willing to cut corners when it comes to nutrition Hound & Gatos is committed to giving your cat a meal that truly reflects what your little carnivore would eat in the wild: meat. With 98% premium animal ingredients making up Hound & Gatos Lamb, Salmon & Chicken Canned Cat Food, this canned food is the diet of a carnivore in a can! Complete, balanced and featuring three delicious protein sources, both you and your cat will appreciate this exceptional and all natural meal.Give your cat a taste of lamb, salmon and chicken all mixed together in this protein-packed food. The variety of meats provides an interesting flavor that might tempt your picky eater, plus three protein sources offer a range of vitamins and minerals that you won t get with just lamb or just chicken. Lamb is a delicious red meat that is popular among cats, bringing iron, zinc, B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and protein to this food. Chicken is a great source of the lean, high quality protein that your cat needs. Finally, salmon has that strong fishy flavor that many cats instinctively love, and it s stuffed with anti-inflammatory acids and healthy fats. Bring the three of these together and you have a carnivore-appropriate and irresistible meal! Hound & Gatos is a USA pet food company with a passion for crafting paleolithic foods that bring vitality and longevity to pets. Their wholesome meat-focused recipes are filled with foods that suit a carnivore, not ones that reflect a human diet. You won t find any added carbohydrates, grains or artificial ingredients in Hound & Gatos Lamb, Salmon & Chicken Canned Cat Food. The animal ingredients are not rendered or byproducts, just pure, delicious muscle meat that will make your cat clean out her dish every time! Mother Nature knows best when it comes to your cat s diet. Hound & Gatos Lamb, Salmon & Chicken Canned Cat Food is shaped after a carnivore s needs but with the added vitamins and minerals that make it approved by the AAFCO for all life stages.
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