Four Paws No Worries 12-Hour Dog Training Pads 100 Count 22"x22"

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Four Paws has been innovating solutions that help pet parents provide their fur friends loving care for 50 years. No Worries dog training pads take the mess out of potty time and provide your pet a dedicated spot to go. Combining incredible absorption abilities with 5-layer quilted technology, these pee pads for dogs soak up 20 times their own weight and seal in moisture?no leaks or messy paw tracking. Just one dog pad lasts 12 hours, so you can say goodbye to stacking pads over and over again. No Worries dog potty pads also block those not-so-fresh potty odors and feature built-in attractant that will continuously draw your dog to the pad. Whether you're teaching your puppy where to potty or offering your adult dog a place to do their business, these dog training pee pads are great for four-legged friends of all ages.
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No Worries training pads have 5 layer quilted technology to provide 12-hour protection leaving pet parents worry free!
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