Zilla Aquatic Reptile Interal Filter 40 Gal {L-2}

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Zilla Aquatic Reptile Internal Filters Remove Waste And Debris From Your Reptile's Water, Helping To Preserve A Clean, Safe, And Healthy Environment In Your Terrarium.
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The Zilla Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter 40 is design to for terrariums that hold turtles and other aquatic reptiles. With a flow rate of 290 gallons of water per hour, it works hard to keep terrariums clean. This filter is ideal for terrariums up to Size 90 containing up to 40 gallons of water. Each unit includes a replaceable large carbon cartridge the removes odor and waste from water. Also included are suction cups and hanging clips that make installation quick and easy. A protective grate is in place to prevent the animal from entering the filter. Large Zilla® replacement cartridges for this unit are sold separately. The Zilla Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter is also available in a size designed for up to 20 gallons of water.
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