Yeow C Catnp Hldy Bndl

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Catnip Toy Gift Bundle made by Ducky World is a charming gift set of catnip toys that makes a great gift for any occassion! This gift set comes with 4 fantastic cat toys filled with 100% organic catnip and hand made in the Usa! This slice of cat heaven comes with a classic yeowww banana, a sour pusss lemon, a yeowww apple that's great for kickin around, and a 4gm catnip mimi. Each of these high quality catnip toys are hand made in the USA so you can be sure you're getting a quality product with a little personality! And we're sure your cat will be excited by these toys; each one is stuffed full of 100% premium organic catnip blend - no fillers! The leaf and flower catnip blend gives you cat the best catnip has to offer, and the organic, no pestisides, no chemical policy means this catnip is safe for people and cats alike. so if your cat gives them a little too much rough play, it's ok, catnip is safe and edible. Your pet will gets lots of hours of play out of it before that happens though beacuse Yeowww catnip toys are made with a high quality cotton twill that's strong enough to withstand lots of scratching, biting, bunny-kicking and excited play from your cat. Try the Yeowww! Catnip Toy Gift Bundle today and see for yourself why Ducky World is an industry leader in cat toys!
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