Nature's Ocean Active Flora Flora-Core Black 16lb 2pk {L-b}029596

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Premium Planted Aquarium Substrate Characteristics: Bio-activ Nutrients For Faster, Healthier Plant Growth. Contains Live Heterotrophic Bacteria For Instant Cycling Of Your Planted Aquarium. 100% Natural - Does Not Contain Artificial Dyes Or Additives. Pr
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Activ-Flora Floracor Red Premium Planted Aquarium Substrate ActivFlora Planted Aquarium Substrate is a Bio-Activ NUTRIENT-ENRICHED gravel specially developed and suited for planted aquaria. ActivFlora gravels are naturally abundant in trace elements that instantly provide a nutrient-rich environment in which your aquatic plants will thrive and achieve optimum health and growth.
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1 Review

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    Fantastic Freshwater Substrate

    Posted by Mike Barra on Feb 21st 2022

    This is a really nice, natural looking black substrate. It's pretty black but has some random brown and white granules scattered here and there.
    Is nit fine like sand, but I'd say the next level up. It's small enough for my earth eaters and Cory cats. Is heavier than sand, so it does not fly into your filter pipes nearly as easily.
    Comes in bag with water and bacteria, so might be a help in a new start up.
    I don't need that. I've used this in my tanks for years and really only have 1 gripe, and it's not about the product.
    The price is very high, has risen to a crazy level which is a shame.
    Thus will stop a lot of people from trying this, for sure.
    If you can afford it, it's a nice product, but it is a ripoff at this price. Nit easy to find on the net at all.
    Needs to be cheaper !

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