World Wide Bio Active Active Shrimp4.4g {L-b}

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World Wide Bio Activ Activ-shrimp4.4g

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The Perfect Shrimp Water, No Waiting... Just Add Shrimp!, No Chlorines or Chloramines, Soft Water- controlled GH and KH, Instant Cycling of your Shrimp Aquarium, Completely Balanced Environment, Contains Natural Live Nitrifying Bacteria and Essential Trace Elements, Instant water change, 100% Natural Live Fresh Water, Perfect for All Fresh Water Shrimp, Fish and Planted Aquariums. Activ-Shrimp Bio-Activ Live Shrimp Water is a naturally LIVE product, rich in bacteria and essential trace elements commonly found in soil and aquatic environments. The use of this natural live water composition in freshwater aquariums as a method of rapid biochemical cycling both promotes biofilm formation and enhances the nitrogen cycle for rapid denitrification, thus establishing a chemically balanced aquatic environment with biochemical conditions suited to the survival and viability of fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, and other aquatic life. Along with autotrophic bacteria that use oxygen to convert ammonia (NH4) to nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3), bacteria found in Activ-Shrimp Bio-Activ Live Shrimp water have also been found to have a protective effect on plant roots, thereby promoting healthy growth of your planted shrimp aquarium. PH & ShrimpShrimp pH requirements may vary from species to species. Be sure to research your shrimp to learn about their specific requirements.
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