Wo D Disc Crnbry{L-x}

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Introducing The Wo|disc - A Fresh New Concept In The World Of Flying Dog Frisbees And Dog Tug Toys ... The Wo|disc Is Designed With Unique Benefits To Keep Your Dog Happy. And, Each Wo|disc You Purchase Will Help Feed Orphaned Children In Ethiopia! Engine
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Introducing the WO|Disc - a fresh new concept in the world of flying dog frisbees and dog tug toys ... the WO|Disc is designed with unique benefits to keep your dog happy. And, each WO|Disc you purchase will help feed orphaned children in Ethiopia! Engineered from our soft and durable WO pet material, the WO|Disc cuts through the air ... and, floats in the lake! Its pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces with ease and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth. The WO|Disc features our signature "divots & bumps" texture that is sure to make this flying dog frisbee your dog's favorite toy around the house or at the dog park. The WO|Disc is guaranteed durable and it's designed to be recyclable.
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