Whiska Temptations Jumbo Stuff Savory Salmon Cat Treats 12/2.47oz {L-1}798707

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Spoil your cat with TEMPTATIONS Jumbo Stuff Savory Salmon flavored treats for cats. This tub offers treats in a delectable salmon flavor and jumbo size that are loved by all cats, large or small. Every tasty Jumbo Stuff treat has 2 calories and provides an irresistible combination of both crunchy and soft textures that will have your cat running the moment you open the tub. These TEMPTATIONS Treats also come in a human-friendly but cat-proof tub, so your feline friend can enjoy their favorite snack right when you open it, but never when they shouldn't! And when you see how much your cat loves them, be sure to try these Jumbo Stuff treats in other flavors like Tempting Tuna. * Based on 2018 sales data
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