Tdycat Nat Strong Scp Ltr 35#

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Lock away litter box odors in your multiple cat home with Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong clumping cat litter. This formula contains activated charcoal that traps odor molecules, delivering powerful natural odor control. In fact, activated charcoal controls odor better than baking soda by volume. The superabsorbent clay granules lock away moisture to help keep your cats' litter box dry and comfortable. Clay also promotes naturally tight clumping for effortless litter box scooping. Tidy Cats unscented clumping litter is naturally free of dyes and fragrances, making it a great choice for pet parents who are sensitive to scents. This litter is also 99.9% dust free to give you a clean and easy pour. Put the trusted power of Tidy Cats on your side with Naturally Strong unscented clumping cat litter. It's 100% Natural. 100% Powerful.
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