Stella & Chewy's Frozen Chicken Dinner Morsels For Cats {L-1x}860070 SD-5

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let Stella - Chewy-ƒs Frozen Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food Tap Into Your Cat-ƒs Carnivorous Instincts. Made With 98% Raw, Cage-free Chicken, Organs And Bones, Your Feline Will Get The Meat They Naturally Crave. Feeding Your Kitty A

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Let Stella & Chewys Frozen Raw Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels Cat Food tap into your cats carnivorous instincts. Made with 98% raw, cage-free chicken, organs and bones, your feline will get the meat they naturally crave. Feeding your kitty a diet full of unprocessed, wholesome food greatly improves their digestion, coat, stamina and immune system. This grain-free recipe has no added hormones, antibiotics or fillers. Sustainably sources ingredients are crafted into small batches and made into small morsels for easy thawing. A perfect meal for all life stages and breeds. Size: 1.25 lbs Bag.
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