Sicce Pump Clean 32 oz

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Do you hate seeing the buildup of white residue on your aquarium equipment Well worry no more! The Sicce Pump Clean Multipurpose is a professional grade liquid formula designed to quickly and efficiently remove unsightly limestone residues from pumps, filters and other aquarium, pond and hydroponic products. Unlike many other competing products, this formula is composed of a 100% safe green, organic powder that is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it ideal for products used in sensitive aquatic environments. Pump Clean reduces general maintenance and cleaning by 50% and helps to extend the overall lifespan of your equipment, allowing aquarium owners to save money in the long run. The formula is also well suited for other home applications such as cookware cleaning, softener for washing machine, rinse aids for dishwashers, rust stain removal and many more. Comes in a 32 oz container.
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