SeaChem Reef Fusion 2 - 1 Liter / 34 Fl Oz {L+b}001057

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Reef Fusion 2 Contains A Mixture Of Carbonates And Bicarbonates At An Alkalinity Of 4400 Meq/l. It Is Designed To Restore And Maintain Alkalinity In The Reef Aquarium And Provide Calcareous Species With The Essential Carbonate Needed For Growth. Reef Fusi
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Reef Fusion 1 and Reef Fusion 2 are the foundation of a system formulated to provide the essentials for the reef aquarium. Reef Fusion 1 provides calcium, while Reef Fusion 2 provides alkalinity. When used together, the Reef Fusion system will maintain calcium and alkalinity levels. Reef Fusion 1 provides not only 100,000 mg/L of ionic calcium, but also includes biologically appropriate levels of magnesium, strontium, boron, iron, manganese, and molybdenum. Reef Fusion 2 contains a mixture of carbonates and bicarbonates at an alkalinity of 4400 meq/L. It is designed to restore and maintain alkalinity in the reef aquarium and provide calcareous species with the essential carbonate needed for growth. When used as directed, Reef Fusion 1 and Reef Fusion 2 will maintain the critical levels of calcium and alkalinity necessary for healthy coral growth, while providing biologically appropriate levels of other elements and trace minerals.
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