Side By Side Dry-Roasted Beef Heart with Blackstrap Molasses 4 oz

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SINGLE PROTEIN TREAT: 100% Natural Single Protein Treat made from 2 simple ingredients: Beef Heart & Blackstrap Molasses! These tasty treats are made from locally sourced and ethically raised beef free from steroids, added hormones & antibiotics GOOD SOURCE OF TAURINE: Organ meats are incredibly beneficial to your pup's overall health & wellness. Heart is especially important because it contains high levels of taurine & CoQ10 which are important and supportive for cardiac health. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES: This super ingredient has a long history of healing & curing ailments. It contains folate (a natural source of folic acid) and is high in iron & B vitamins which promotes red blood cell production. SUPPORTS HEART & BONE HEALTH: Beef Heart is a natural source of taurine & Blackstrap molasses contains an abundance of magnesium (known for improving energy & heart health), calcium (aids in bone production) and potassium (which helps strengthen muscles & promotes a calm and functioning nervous system) MADE WITH WHOLE FOODS: Made with whole foods from the absolute best ingredients! No Additives, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Extracts, Synthetics, Sugars or Salt (EVER) MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Made in the USA In Small Batches from Whole Food Ingredients. Ethically sourced from family farms Made from pasture raised beef - antibiotic + steroid free beef Good for dogs & cats Made in the USA Grain free
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