Side By Side Warming Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potatoes Dog Treat 4 oz

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SINGLE PROTEIN TREAT: 100% Natural Single Protein Treat made from 2 simple ingredients: Chicken & Sweet Potato! These tasty treats are made from locally sourced and ethically raised cage-free, hormone free chicken GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER & VITAMIN A: Sweet potatoes are a natural source of fiber & vitamin A which may help promote healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves & muscle! IMPROVES DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Sweet potatoes are great for digestive health. They are commonly used for to aleviate constipation and other GI problems. These treats are also incredibly gentle on your pups digestive system! RICH IN BETA-CAROTENE: A powerful antioxidant that gives sweet potatos their color & may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer & protect against heart disease MADE WITH WHOLE FOODS: Made with whole foods from the absolute best ingredients! No Additives, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Extracts, Synthetics, Sugars or Salt (EVER) MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Made in the USA In Small Batches from Whole Food Ingredients.
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