Safe Paw Ice Melt Flexicube 22 Lb {L-1x}956004

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`- People & Pet Safe: Safe On Eyes, Skin And Paws. Its Safe Around And If Ingested. Best Of All: 100% Salt Free, - Melt At Low Temps: Guaranteed To Melt At Low Temperatures (-2++f), Its Non-toxic And Biodegradable, - Excellent Spread Rate: Allows A Typica
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`- People & pet safe: Safe on eyes, skin and paws. Its safe around and if ingested. Best of all: 100% salt free, - Melt at low temps: Guaranteed to melt at low temperatures (-2øF), its non-toxic and biodegradable, - Excellent spread rate: Allows a typical back yard to be treated to make a safe winter playland for pets and people. Can be used for a long time on small and large areas, - Non-corrosive: Its non corrosive and non-conductive. No damage to delicate machinery or worry about short circuits, - Safe chemistry: Made with a patented dual-effect formula: it melts ice instantly while breaking its surface tension. Result: speeds up the melting process, - Surface safe: Safe on lawns, shrubs, metal, concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers, saw wood & composites, on floors and rugs, - Livestock safe: Can be used around all animals. Create safe areas around barns, paddocks, pens, or anywhere where animals, people, vehicles may travel, - Long shelf life: Concentrated formula assures long-term, maximum effectiveness from season to season
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