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Redbarn Knee Caps are 100% all-natural dog treats that make smaller pups go wild! Made without any sort of artificial ingredients, these made in the USA dog treats are manufactured to the highest standards to give your pup the safest and most delicious chewing experience possible. Buy in bulk and save! About Redbarn Knee Caps There's no shortage of dog treats and chews today, but there's definitely a shortage of natural, safe dog products. That's what makes Redbarn Knee Caps so awesome. They're made without any sort of artificial additives or preservatives to ensure your dog receives a truly natural chewing experience. A bonus They're made in the USA! This assures that these dog treats are held to the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process. No strange ingredients, no sketchy manufacturing practices--just pure quality that you can trust. So, how does Redbarn get these knee cap dog treats to taste so good By roasting them, of course! Roasting these dog bones in the oven not only makes them extra delicious, but it makes them extra tough to withstand plenty of chew time. Know what else is so great about Redbarn Knee Cap dog treats They can help support your pup's health! Chewing on these tasty dog chews can help support your doggie's pearly whites by helping scrape away plaque and tartar buildup. In addition, chewing makes a great pastime for pups and can help reduce stress and boredom. What's more fun than chewing on something so yummy Product FAQs Q. Why Redbarn Knee Caps A. Redbarn Knee Caps are 100% natural dog bones made without any sort of artificial ingredients. These single-ingredient dog chews are made of all-natural, real beef bone and are slow roasted in their own juices to maximize flavor. They're positively mouthwatering! Q. Where are Redbarn Knee Cap dog treats made A. Redbarn Knee Caps are made in the USA from naturally sourced ingredients. Q. Why should I buy Redbarn Knee Caps from Pawstruck A. Great question! Need some extra help finding the right product for your pooch
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