PetSafe 6 Meal Pet Feeder Blue

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If you're a busy pet parent, never worry about feeding your pet on time again. The PetSafe Six Meal Pet Feeder lets you schedule 6 pre-portioned meals a day or 6 meals over a couple of days. Each tray slot holds 1 cup of dry dog or cat food and the bowl holds 1 cup for ready-to-eat meals. It's great for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. If your pet has an expanding waistline or if they gobble down food so fast it causes tummy troubles, you can program the feeder to serve smaller portions. For sneaky pups and kitties, the dispenser is designed to keep prying paws from turning the tray and stealing food. A clear, locking lid lets you do a quick refill check and helps keep food fresh. The removable, BPA-free bowl and tray carousel are easy to clean and top-shelf dishwasher safe. PetSafe brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together.
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The PetSafe Six Meal Feeder is designed for the busy pet parent. It is great for feeding your pet during the day while at work or while traveling for the weekend. Use the digital clock to program six pre-portioned meals per fill---whether it's six smaller meals a day, two meals a day for three days, or one large meal every day for six days. Each tray slot holds 1 cup of dry dog or cat food, plus the bowl holds 1 cup for an extra meal that is ready-to eat. If you want to immediately dispense the next scheduled meal, simply push the Feed now button. The remaining meals will dispense at their scheduled times. To stop the feeder from dispensing food without losing your programmed meals, press the Sleep Mode button. The PetSafe Six Meal Feeder keeps your pet's healthy feeding routine no matter where you are.
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