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This Recipe Makes Real Chicken Its First Ingredient, Starting The Meal Off With Pure, Savory Protein. It's Rounded Out With High-quality, Specifically-chosen Ingredients That Pack Complete Nutrition Into Every Bite, Catered To The Needs Of A Growing Kitte
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This recipe makes real chicken its first ingredient, starting the meal off with pure, savory protein. It's rounded out with high-quality, specifically-chosen ingredients that pack complete nutrition into every bite, catered to the needs of a growing kitten. Take the DHA, which helps to nourish her brain and vision development, and the highly-digestible formula that's made to support a developing digestive system. So, she gets the wholesome goodness you want for her at mealtime, plus the delightful combination of crunchy kibble and tender, meaty shreds that make each bite worth savoring.
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