Petmate ValuPaws Training Pad 22X22" 100Pack {L-1 } 291095

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ValuPaws Training Pads are designed to make life with a puppy or an older dog with continence problems easier. The training pads are scientifically formulated with a non-toxic scent that naturally attracts dogs. It's safe around kids, puppies, and older adult dogs. These pads are durable, shred-resistant, and are super absorbent. A durable plastic backing is extra protection for floors. This pack includes 100 pads at 22L x 22W inches. About Precision Pet Products Precision Pet Products is an established and respected manufacturer supplying a wide variety of pet products to all facets of the pet industry since 1985. Located in Orange County, California, the Precision Pet Products team assures that their products are constructed from the strongest materials available and designed to withstand the wear and tear of the most active of pets and pet handlers.

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Precision Pet ValuPaws Training Pads are ideal for puppies and dogs when nature calls and for those with continence issues. Scented to effectively attract your dog to use the pad and entices your pet to know exactly where to go and protect rugs and floors. Made from an absorbent and tear-resistant material that is disposable for a no-mess cleanup. Each box also includes step-by-step housetraining instructions, making ValuPaws Training Pads the perfect housetraining tool. Each pad measures 22 x 22 inches.
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