Oxbow Animal Health Organic Meadow Hay Small Animal Treat 40oz

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Looking for a hay benefit both your pets and the environment? ÿOxbow Organic Meadow Hay is the perfect choice!ÿ This 100% certified organic grass hay is grown all-naturally without the use of any chemicals.ÿ Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets love this flavorful, high fiber hay, and you can feel good that it is beneficial for both your pet and the world around him.
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Oxbow Organic Meadow Hay Small Animal Food, 40-oz bag; Feed your tiny furball a high-fiber hay that's beneficial to them and the environment with Oxbow Organic Meadow hay. Small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas, need hay to aid in their digestion and keep their teeth trim. In fact, hay should be about 75 percent of their daily diet. Oxbow's Organic Meadow hay is 100 percent certified organic, which means it was grown without the use of chemicals. It provides your pet with an enticing, sweet-tasting combination of textures, fragrances and flavors. And because it is composed of a variety of hays found in their natural habitat, it will please even the pickiest eater and provide your pet with an enriching chewing activity that prevents boredom and alleviates stress. Place large handfuls of hay in the habitat daily and replenish as needed.
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