Mk D Grmng Wps Wtrmln 100ct{L-x}

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Modern Kanine Pet Grooming Wipes For Dogs & Cats Sometimes Your Pet Just Needs A Quick And Easy Cleaning Or Freshening Up. Our Watermelon-scented Grooming Wipes Can Help Spot Clean Any Part Of Your Dog Or Cat From Head To Tail. Our Wipes Make Freshening C
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Modern Kanine Pet Grooming Wipes for Dogs & Cats Sometimes your pet just needs a quick and easy cleaning or freshening up. Our watermelon-scented Grooming Wipes can help spot clean any part of your dog or cat from head to tail. Our wipes make freshening cleanups in between baths easier. Keep some wipes at home for messy faces or paws and one in your car or bag for whatever mess your pet might get into. Features: - Deodorizing & Cleaning: Our scented pet grooming wipes are great for messy paws, in between baths, and any other messes your pet gets into! They leave behind a light, fresh scent. - Gentle & Moisturizing: Our alcohol-free formula is gentle and moisturizing, safe for both cats and dogs and is made with aloe and Vitamin E. - Soft & Large: Our large wipes have a soft texture to help them ef-fectively remove dirt and dander from your pet, and can be used on your pets coat, paws, skin, bum and tail.
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