Mighty Jr Dinosaur Trex Pleash

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The Mighty Dinosaur Dog Toy features a uniquely durable option for pets to enjoy playing with. It's specially constructed with multiple layers of flexible materials that move with a canine's teeth instead of tearing. Compared to other toys, this durable dog toy has no hard edges. The result is that this fun pet plush doesn't promote chewing which is ideal when you're trying to discourage it. This Mighty dog toy may seem soft on the outside, but all the durability features are internal making it strong. It has a standard size that's safe for a variety of dogs to play with. This durable dog toy can also make a handy pillow for a pet that likes to cuddle when sleepy. It will make a fun gift for your favorite canine companion. The durable plush can easily be stored when not in use. This Mighty Dinosaur Dog Toy is made with materials that are safe for your pet to play with under supervision.

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