Lotus C Gf Als Sar Herng 5 Lb {L-x}

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Oven-baked In Small Batches In Canada Baked With Meats, Poultry, And Fish That Have No Added Hormones And Or Antibiotics Baked With Non-gmo Fruits And Vegetables Cats Love Lotus' Oven-baked Great Taste Because We Use More Fresh Meat (up To 40% Fresh Meat
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Oven-Baked in small batches in Canada Baked with meats, poultry, and fish that have no added hormones and or antibiotics Baked with non-GMO fruits and vegetables Cats love Lotus' oven-baked great taste because we use more fresh meat (up to 40% fresh meat compared to 20% or less in extruded foods) Oven-Baked for a low starch delivery (50% less starch than a comparable extruded food) Our oven-baked recipes are less processed than extruded pet food; This helps protect the nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants (from the fruits and veggies), proteins, and amino acids better than extruded pet foods Helps lower urinary pH for a healthy urinary tract All life stage recipe
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