Kaytee CritterTrail Dazzle Turnabout Habitat

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This dazzling complete one level habitat features a Removable Exterior Wheel which provide your pet with hours of fun both in and out of the cage. The habitat also features a Look-Out Tower which gives your critter a cozy place to nest and provides you with easy access to your pet. The Turn-About Habitat also comes with a food dish and water bottle for your convenience. Front wire door allows you to easily access your pet at any time. Ideal for mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters and gerbils.
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Dazzling complete one level habitat for hamsters gerbils and mice features glitter infused accessories. Comes with removable CritterTrail Dazzle Turn-About exercise wheel and Enhanced door locks offer easy access and a secure closure to keep your pets safe. Improved construction allows top wire and bottom base to easily detach for effortless cleaning and maintenance. New narrow wire spacing design make these habitats safe for dwarf hamsters mice and other small animals. Create a dream environment with expandability ports that allow connectible accessories to be added. Well ventilated environment. Includes look-out tower water bottle food dish and Turn-About Wheel. Actual size 10.5in long 16in wide 22in high.
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