Kaytee Wild Meadow Hay Blend 24 Ounces

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Kaytee Wild Meadow Hay Blend combines textures and flavors to keep your small animal happy and healthy. The unique blend of naturally grown timothy, orchard, and alfalfa hays mimic natural environments to keep promote active foraging and engagement. The varieties of hay are grown and harvested together to replicate what a small animal would find and forage in their natural environment. Kaytee feeds more hay to small pets than anyone else. We pride ourselves on providing fresh, tasty, all-natural hay. Grown specifically for small animals, timothy hay is hand selected to ensure long fiber strands and a proper leaf to stem ratio to support your small pet?s digestive health. Our hay is grown in fertile farmland graced with abundant sunlight and nourished by cool, rocky mountain water. Naturally grown without pesticides or artificial ingredients, our farmers only grow supreme grade hay. This means, high quality and superior nutrition for your small pet. At Kaytee, we are committed to harvesting the best nature has to offer.
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