Kaytee Forti-Diet For Hamsters and Gerbils 3 lbs {L-2}

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Kaytee Forti-diet Contains Wholesome Ingredients That Provide Essential Nutrients To Ensure Proper Growth And Appearance While Enhancing The Health Of Pets. Starting With A Blend Of Fresh Palatable Seeds, Grains And Pellets, Forti-diet Is Fortified With T
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Kaytee Forti-Diet contains wholesome ingredients that provide essential nutrients to ensure proper growth and appearance while enhancing the health of pets. Starting with a blend of fresh palatable seeds, grains and pellets, Forti-Diet is fortified with the essential nutrients while offering the variety your bird or small animal enjoys. This fortified seed-based diet for hamsters includes a wide variety of fresh, palatable seeds and grains to ensure the nutrition they need.
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