Kaytee Forti Diet Guinea Pig 5 lbs {L-2}

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With Vitamin C. Nutritionally Fortified Food. Kaytee Forti-diet - Fresh Fortified Food For The Healthy And Appearance Of Your Pet. Kaytee Fort-diet Guinea Pet Food Is A Nutrient Complete, Pelleted Diet Specially Formulated For All Life Stages With The Gui
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With vitamin C. Nutritionally fortified food. Kaytee Forti-Diet - fresh fortified food for the healthy and appearance of your pet. Kaytee Fort-Diet Guinea Pet Food is a nutrient complete, pelleted diet specially formulated for all life stages with the guinea pig's special dietary requirements in mind. Forti-Diet was developed by the nutritional experts at Kaytee to supply all the nutrients pets need, including longer lasting, stabilized vitamin C for your guinea pig's health. Only the freshest ingredients go into Forti-Diet. We help to preserve that freshness with our barrier package and resealable zipper. An excellent source of fortified nutrients that your pet needs. Fiber and carbohydrates - provides energy for optimal health & vitality. Protein 10 essential amino acids - crucial for muscle growth & maintenance. Minerals/vitamins - required for strong bones & healthy teeth; essential for proper growth & development. Fatty acids - promotes healthy skin & coat. The Kaytee food guide shows the essential nutrient categories needed for a soft, shiny coat and a long, healthy life.
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