Kaytee Solid Floor Ferret Habitat

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Looking for a home that can keep up with your furry pals' sense of adventure? Look no further than the Kaytee Solid Floor Habitat! This versatile abode is great not just for ferrets, but also for chinchillas and rats who like to live large. With four customizable shelves, you can set up your pet's pad in a way that suits their Tarzan-like tendencies (hey, we've all got a little jungle in us). Or, set it up with a solid floor design, so you won't have to worry about drop zones and it'll make cleaning a breeze. And speaking of breezy, the habitat's quick-clean system means you can detach the wire top from the plastic base with ease, making maintenance a snap. Plus, with doors on every level (including the rooftop), you can enjoy easy access to your pet or their essentials at any time. But the fun doesn't stop there! The Kaytee Solid Floor Habitat also includes vented climbing tubes with a bubble wave surface that'll keep your pets moving and grooving safely between floors. And when it's time to move to a new spot, the habitat's caster wheels make for easy transportation.
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