Inaba Churu 50 Tubes Tuna Variety {L-1}859035

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Your favorite feline will love Inaba s Churu Tuna Puree Variety Canister. The variety canister comes with 50 individually wrapped tubes split into four delicious flavors- Tuna, Tuna with Chicken, Tuna with Scallop, and Tuna with Salmon. Each tasty slurp provides your kitty with maximum hydration and nourishment. Your cat can enjoy the treats in a bowl, straight from the pouch, or on top of their favorite meal. Made with 100% farm-raised chicken and natural wild tuna. All flavor recipes are free of grains, preservatives, and coloring. Creamy texture cats love. Low in calorie count. Loads of Vitamin E. Great for administering pills. Promotes overall well-being and urinary health.
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