Hikari Cichlid Gold 8.8oz - Baby Pellet {L+b}042029

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Hikari Cichlid Gold Contains Special Color Enhancers Designed To Bring Out The Natural Beauty And Proper Form Of Cichlids And Other Larger Tropical Fish. We Utilize The Highest Grade Of Ingredients Formulated In Exacting Quantities To Produce A Food That
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Hikari Cichlid Gold - Baby Pellets offer an excellent daily diet for larger tropical fish. Tropical fish with vivid colours will benefit from Hikari Tropical fish food cichlid Gold higher protein levels. With Hikari cichlid gold you can expect excellent growth rates through improved digestion and its superior form compliments balanced nutrition. State-of-the-art Bio-Technology allows us include the highest grade of carotenoid available today that offers superior colour enhancing capacity while helping your tropical fish retain their beauty year round. These baby pellets are high in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease thereby allowing your pet their best chance at maintaining good health. This floating pellet will not dissolve or cloud your aquarium water.
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