Healthy Pet Okocat Litter Natural Wood Long Hair Breeds Clumping 20lb {L-2}

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Designed For Long Haired Breeds The Heavier Natural Wood Blend Litter Pellet Will Not Adhere To Fur Or Be Carried Through The House. Same Best-in-class Litter Performance; 7 Day Odor Control, 500% Liquid Absorbency By Vol., Fast-firm Clumping, Fast Anti-b
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kocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter for Long Hair Breeds offers superior performance in a natural pellet designed to keep litter in the box and not stuck in your cat's fur. Free from chemicals, dyes and other synthetics, our ground pellets are lab-tested and proven to absorb more than 5X their weight in liquid. Their superior clumping and absorption power forms firm clumps and controls odors for 7 days. kocat litter is biodegradable for flushable disposal, and is naturally lightweight. All litters come in a smart, compostable package with an easy-to-carry handle and pour spout. Specially designed for long haired breeds that tend to get cat litter stuck in their fur. These dense, whole clumping pellets of our natural wood clumping cat litter won't be carried through the house and make a mess. Finicky, long haired cats prefer the soft feel of the mini-pellets on their paws, while their natural effectiveness respects their delicate systems. 7 Day Odor Control Absorbs 500% its weight Superior Clumping Naturally Lightweight Biodegradable
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