Gm Cnat D Smn Whfsh Ml 4#

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A Limited Ingredient Diet with Meat & Brown Rice - Our Salmon & Whitefish Meal Entr‚e is made with protein rich Salmon Meal the first ingredient and whitefish meal, two excellent high-quality protein source for dogs, and great alternatives for dogs with chicken allergies. Additionally, fish is relatively low in saturated fat and empty calories making it a good choice for weight maintenance. With wholesome brown rice and oats, as well as fresh vegetables, it is nutritious and great for the digestive system. As in all our dry foods, the protein in Salmon & Whitefish Meal Entr‚e is over 70% from animal sources and we use a slow-cook low-temperature process which helps retain the maximum nutritional value from all our ingredients. - Over 70% Protein from Animal Sources - Helps Prevent Taurine Deficiency with Higher Quality Ingredients & Methionine - Limited Ingredient Diet - No Genetic Engineering Ingredients Grown without Bioengineering
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