Vittles Vault Gamma Outback Pet Food Container 15lb

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Absolutely airtight storage system for dry pet foods. With a spin of the lid, Vittles Vault locks in freshness and flavor and locks out pests. There's no need to hide your container. The Vittles Vault Plus keeps pet food or seed fresh and pest free in style with its embossed paw print pattern. This uniquely shaped container is designed for maximum capacity and heavy duty storage. Recessed handles in the side of the container make it easy to lift. Pests can't smell the contents and there are no sharp corners for pests to chew. For your deck, home, or yard, airtight protection is a plus for keeping your pet food or seed fresh and pest free. Made of food grade high-impact plastic. Free measuring scoop included.
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The Vittles Vault 15 is just right for keeping your pet food fresh in that small space with the space efficient square style shape. They are absolutely Airtight to keep your pet food fresh. The easy grip molded handles make it easy to move even when"
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