Galapagos Sapa Corner Hide Terrarium Hideaway Fresh Green 10 in

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Galapagos Sapa Corner hide is the perfect hide for any tank. Multiple front openings allow animals to enter and exit as they please. Place the back of the hide against the side of the tank to create a window to view you pet without disturbing them. Ideal for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertabrates.
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Great for Tropical Terrariums! Mossy domes are made from 100% natural moss and help bring a naturalistic feel to any terrarium Provides a Secure Hiding Place to Relax! For many species of frogs, snakes, geckos, and invertebrates. Increase humidity by misting with water to provide the ideal habitat for high humidity species or to aid in the shedding process. Dimensions: 10" Long - 5.5" Wide - 4.5" Tall
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