Four Paws Magic Coat Curry Brush for Dogs

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Four Paws Magic Coat Rubber Curry Brush for dogs is designed for dogs with short coats and curly or wiry fur. Featuring flexible silicone material, this brush for dogs is easy to hold and gentle on your dog's skin. The Four Paws dog curry brush works to remove all dead and unwanted hair while distributing natural oils throughout the coat to restore its natural sheen and luster. With anti-microbial protection, this dog grooming brush prevents bacteria from developing on the brush. Also great as a dog bath brush, it helps shampoo penetrate the coat to dogs' skin and helps remove dead hair and debris during bath time. Plus, it can be used as a fur brush for furniture, removing unwanted pet hair from your home and clothing. Safe for daily use, your dog will shine inside and out after you spend quality time grooming your pet with this curry brush! This product complements Magic Coat's entire line of grooming solutions, helping you groom like a pro with head-to-tail care.
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This double sided curry grooms pets removes loose hair from fabrics. Anti Microbial Protection prevents bacteria from developing on brush.
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