Fmb Song Blnd Shel Pnut 4/2#

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In-shell whole peanuts are one of the greatest, all-natural treats you can offer colorful backyard songbirds, squirrels and other wildlife. These prized treats are packed full of nutrition and energy. By feeding natural peanuts, you're sure to attract a wide variety of colorful, happy and hungry songbirds. Provide Song blend premium wild bird products and watch your backyard wild birds sing a happy tune! that's because browns is better! after carefully choosing only the best ingredients, our unique five stage cleaning process removes unwanted foreign matter to provide the cleanest, most nutritionally healthy product available. Our packed-fresh packaging process and barrier bags protect long-term freshness and product quality. Whether you're a novice or an avid hobbyist, you'll find Song blend products will help make your wild bird feeding experience rewarding and fun.
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