Adams Carpet Powder with Linalool and Nylar 16 ounces

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Protect your carpet from flea and tick infestations. Adams Carpet Powder with Linalool and Nylar works hard to kill fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks on carpets, rugs, and furniture where fleas may hide. This flea carpet treatment contains an Insect Growth regulator (IGR), Nylar, and the botanically-derived insecticide Linalool that kills all four stages of the flea life cycle: adults, eggs, larvae, and pupae. One 16 oz container can treat up to 400 square feet of a room, and you do not need to replace or reuse for one full year. It kills flea and ticks on contact. The flea killing carpet powder prevents flea re-infestation and controls the area for up to 365 days. Our carpet treatment deodorizes and freshens the home with a pleasant citrus fragrance while eliminating deep-down pet odors. To use, simply shake up the canister and evenly distribute across the carpet or fabrics and let it settle; for maximum efficacy delay vacuuming for 24 hours. With 5% of fleas living on your pet and the remaining 95% living in your home or yard, Adams products are designed to provide you with the power to prevent pests on every front.
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Adams Carpet Powder with Linalool and Nylar kills fleas and ticks on carpet. It contains Nylar an Insect Growth Regulator and the botanically-derived insecticide Linalool. It kills all four stages of the flea adults eggs larvae and pupae. It breaks the flea life cycle and controls reinfestation for up to 365 days. One 16oz container treats 1-2 rooms (200-400 square feet).
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