Far Comf Zone F3 Calm Spry 2oz {L+2}

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What You See As ""bad Behavior"" Such As Urine Marking Or Destructive Scratching - May Actually Be Your Cat Acting Out Due To Stress.
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What you see as bad behavior such as urine marking or destructive scratching, may actually be your cat acting out due to stress. Cats are creatures of habit so when something in their environment changes such as getting a new pet or moving homes, can cause them stress. Our Spray & Scratch Control Spray is vet recommended and clinically proven to reduce urine marking and to limit destructive scratching. How does it work Cats use pheromones which are scents to communicate to other cats and affect your cat's emotional well-being. We've mimicked these pheromones that help cats feel calm and safe. When the pheromones are sprayed onto a vertical surface, it signals to your cat that their environment is safe which helps reduce their stress and reduce their need to scratch or spray. The Comfort Zone Spray dispenses a drug-free, unscented and odorless vapor that only affects cats. The spray can be used in the car or sprayed in the kennel when traveling with your cat or even at the vet's office to help keep them calm. It can be sprayed on fabrics, upholstery, hardwood, and doorframes where your cat may consistently spray or scratch on. We stand behind our product and if you're not satisified, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund!
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