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Speak To Your Cat's Sophisticated Tastes When You Offer Her Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers Light Meat Tuna With A Scallop Topper In A Delicate Broth Cat Complement. The Real, Recognizable Ingredients Look Good Enough For You To Eat, But This Tempting Compl
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Speak to your cat's sophisticated tastes when you offer her Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers Light Meat Tuna With a Scallop Topper in a Delicate Broth cat complement. The real, recognizable ingredients look good enough for you to eat, but this tempting complement is specially created for your adult cat's discerning taste buds. Let her savor the tender, flaked tuna texture in every bite, and watch as she enjoys the delicate broth. Intended as a complement to her complete and balanced diet, this seafood appetizer indulges your cat's sophisticated palate. We package this enticing complement in a convenient peel-and-serve tray, so there's no cleanup to worry about. Offer this Purina Fancy Feast Appetizer when your cat wants a bit of added gourmet goodness, and show her just how much you care about giving her delectable flavor options between meals.
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