Evang Gf 100% Ckn Dog/cat 24/6z

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Chicken Canine Feline Wet 6-oz x 24 Evangers Grain Free 100% Chicken Can Pet Food Rich in protein and fiber, the Evangers grain free chicken can pet food is an ideal health supplement for your pets. Tasty and delectable, it is highly favored by pets around the world. The meal is preferable for food sensitive pets, and contains no added preservatives or fillers. Enriching your pet's diet with supportive nutrients and health supplements, it is made of chicken meat and other natural ingredients. The meal is natural and is gluten-free which makes it non-allergic for your pets. Easily digestible, this grain-free food is easy on the stomach of your pet and aids in faster absorption of nutrients into its body. It is available in a convenient packing of pop-top can, and is easy to open and feed your pets. The food is flavored with chicken, and will be highly appreciated by your pets for a balanced diet of high nutritional value. For a complete, tasty, and healthy diet for your pet, you can also mix it with vegetarian food. Serving size can be reduced for less active and older dogs. Actual amount of food your dog requires depends on activity, age, environment and breed. Fresh water should be available at all times .
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Evanger's Grain-Free Chicken Can Dog & Cat Food 24ea/6oz
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