Evang Gc Bf It Up Cat 24/5.5z

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Evangers Classic Cat Food is made using a nutritious formula in a mouth-watering recipe -- a treat of real meat that can act as a whole meal or supplement to your feline friend's daily mealtime. Available in three flavours: Chicken, Seafood and Beef and Liver. - Evangers Classic Cat Food:A classic gourmet dinner with real fresh meat - Multiple protein, vitamin and mineral sources - Easy to chew and digest - Moist enough to add kibble - Evangers Classic Cat Food is full of vitamins and minerals and all the healthy goodness of a home-cooked meal. - A Closer Look: Refrigerate unused portion. Feeding amounts depend upon size and level of activity. Made specially for: Cats of all breeds and sizes. Consult a veterinarian for specific serving recommendations. Free of: Artificial flavours, colours, preservatives Evanger's Beef It Up All Stages Wet Cat Food 160ml
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Evanger's Heritage Classic Beef It Up Dinner Can Cat Food 24ea/5.5oz
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