Coralife Aqualight Mini Aquarium LED Light Fixture

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The Coralife Mini LED Aqualight provides an excellent light source that is 3X brighter than the former fluorescent version making it ideal for small planted aquariums, nano tanks, sumps, and refugiums. The adjustable legs and adhesive mounting brackets allow for both horizontal or vertical placement on the aquarium. Features: RF remote with individual 24-hour timer for the white, blue and RGB LEDs; Adjustable color intensity in 10% increments; 8 preset color options with a 3-speed color scroll mode; Automatic 30 minute ramp times for gradual sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset. Coralife is a trusted brand of marine aquarium parts and supplies. We offer aquarium lighting, filtration products, marine salt mix and more. When aquarium systems require more than just the basics - Coralife steps in. From the all-inclusive BioCube aquariums to a complete range of lighting and equipment, the Coralife brand is designed to meet the needs of the more advanced aquatic hobbyist.
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This Coralife Mini LED Aqualight fixture is a versatile light that is ideal for small aquariums, nano tanks, sumps, and refugiums. Adhesive mounting brackets allow for vertical installation. The legs extend from 12-18 wide to fit smaller aquariums. 3x brighter than the previous NON LED version. RF remove control allows consumer to set a 24-hour timer for white, blue and RGB LED's individually. Choose between 8 preset colors for quick customization. Increase or decrease scolor intensity in 10% increments. Turn White, Blue or RGB LED's On/Off indiviudally and scroll through RBG colors in 3 different speeds. Automatic 30 minute ramp times for a gradual sunrise and sunset cycle. Can be used for freshwater or saltwater aquariums.
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