Catit DivineShreds,Tuna/Shirasu/SweetPot

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Catit Divine Shreds of Tuna for cats in 75g sachets. This new format of wet food for cats in 75g sachets, is the latest in food supplement for cats. It is a kind of soup with manually shredded chicken with varieties of vegetables and fish. Natural and low in calories. Compared to other species, cats need to drink less water, a characteristic they retain from their origins as desert cats, before they were domesticated. Back then, they obtained liquids from the prey they hunted. Nowadays, cats tend to eat a dry diet, even if it is complete, dry food does not contain all the moisture they need. That's why they need to drink water. Catit thinks of everything before launching a new product. And in this case, the purpose of the delicious Divine Shreds Chicken Soups is to supplement cats' dry diets with tasty, liquid meals.
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