Aquarium Shipping

Aquarium Shipping

Store Pickup


Before you get an aquarium shipped directly to your home, remember that there are less expensive alternatives. The cheapest option is to pick up your aquarium from our warehouse. We realize that this may not be feasible for everyone, but if you live in the greater NYC area, you can save on shipping costs by picking up your aquarium from our warehouse in Copiague, Long Island. 

Shipping Aquariums (including stands & wood canopies)


Due to their size, aquarium shipments must be done by LTL FedEx or other freight carriers. These are the large 18-wheel trucks and trailers, not the smaller parcel carriers that you might see with standard FedEx shipments. Everything moving by freight-carrier is shipped on a pallet and moved by forklift, reducing the chances of damage.


However, shipping just an aquarium tank costs about the same as an aquarium plus a cabinet and any other accessories you may want. The more you add to the order you down, the less you will you pay in overall shipping.


We ship products all the time, so we have accounts with FedEx & other freight logistics companies. This means that we get very good shipping rates for our customers, some starting at just $189.


That said, the cost you pay for shipping may be higher. The price will ultimately depend on the size and weight of the aquarium (and accessories), as well as the location. Once an order has been placed, we can get a finalized quote for the cost of shipping.

Shipping Options


Shipping to the nearest freight terminal (warehouse) for pickup: It is recommended that you have your aquarium shipped to the nearest shipping dock/terminal, where you can pick it up in person. This cuts down on shipping costs.


To find the nearest freight terminal, check out this link. You just need to enter your zip code and click “freight” to find the nearest location in your area.


The freight terminal is a warehouse the carriers use to load, unload, and transfer shipments. Most larger cities have them. However, if you choose this method, you will need access to a vehicle or trailer capable of bringing the aquarium back with you. Personnel at the terminal will load the freight onto your vehicle via forklift, so you shouldn’t need to bring any help. 


Typically, when the package arrives at their warehouse, they will notify you that it is available for pick-up. This will usually be the least expensive option. It also gives you greater flexibility with regards to a time frame for picking up your tank.


Shipping to a business address with loading dock or forklift: In the eyes of the freight carrier, a business address is an address that has either a loading dock or forklift capable of removing the freight from the truck. It should also have enough space to allow a large truck to get in and out.


Shipping to a business address without a loading dock or forklift: This is an address that keeps normal business hours and will have somebody on hand to accept freight, as they usually will not call to make a delivery appointment. In some instances, a few people might be able to unload the freight by hand. Most times a liftgate truck will be necessary to lower the package down to the ground so it can be removed. You will probably be charged an additional fee for switching freight over to a liftgate truck (usually about $100).


Shipping to a residential address: If none of the above will work and you need to have your aquarium shipped to a residential address, the cost will be significantly higher. Most carriers will call you to make a delivery appointment. This gives you the chance to arrange to have help available if needed. 


The freight carrier is responsible for what is known as “curbside” delivery. This means they just need to get the freight down and off the truck, usually in the driveway or another convenient spot. They are not responsible for moving it into your home. 


Once off the truck, the movement of the package becomes your responsibility. You need to be sure that a large truck is capable of getting in and out of your driveway or home entrance. There will be additional charges for residential delivery and liftgate trucks.