Anubias Nana "petite"- Potted Save 10% 2+ SD-2 !{ship Mon-wed }

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  • Anubias Nana "petite"- Potted Save 10% 2+ SD-2 !{ship Mon-wed }
  • Anubias Nana "petite"- Potted Save 10% 2+ SD-2 !{ship Mon-wed }


anubias Nana "petite"-  Potted this Miniature anubias Variety Has Very Easy Care Requirements And Is Perfect For The Foreground And Middle Ground Of The Aquarium!  <

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Petite Anubias nana is relatively rare because it is very slow growing. It only requires low to moderate lighting and nutrient rich water, although its growth rate can be increased through CO2 injection/supplementation. It reproduces through rhizome division. If it is planted in the substrate, Petite Anubias nana should not be planted with its rhizome (roots) buried in the substrate or it will rot and recede. Instead, it can be attached to rocks, driftwood and other decorations in the aquarium, or it can be planted on top of the substrate as long as the roots are not completely buried. It is a very durable plant and it can be kept in a wide variety of water parameters.
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