A & E Cages Happy Beaks Wooden Spoon w/Bagels, Blocks & Beads Bird Toy 5in x 2in x 15in

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Wooden Spoon with Bagels, Blocks and Beads is the perfect toy for birds that love to chew and climb. It includes a large wooden spoon, colorful birdie bagels, colorful wooden blocks, plastic (bird safe) toys, and tied together with natural leather string. It Can be hung up in your birds cage using the quick link. This toy measures 5"x2"x15" and is perfect for cockatiels, conures, Amazon, African Greys, and Macaws. Toys help your bird fulfill instinct by allowing him to chew, shred, and tear. Allowing your bird to chew on toys helps keep his beak in shape, as well.
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